Artist Statement

Turning pain into knowledge is a part of the human condition. Our desire for insight when faced with difficulty prompts us to question both our perceptions of identity and our relations with those around us. It is the exercising and investigation of these thoughts which (when either dealt with alone or sought out in others) grants us reprieve in the midst of affliction.

Using myself as a sustained reference point from which all context is placed, my images explore personally afflicting circumstances and their direct repercussions on my person. Rather than attempting to document my physical experiences as they occur, I have combined the shaping of tableaux with a performative approach. Using my body as a tool or prop, what were once fleeting, unaccounted facets of personal experience are reconstructed with the mimetic nature of the photographic medium itself.

Intentionally deconstructing these experiences skews the normative process through which one deals with suffering, particularly in that I reveal myself within these conditions to a viewer. The conscious awareness of a future audience is not, however, the prevailing aspect of this rendition. I am immersed within a self-contained dialogue between the enduring subject, photographer, and performer; the nature of my original affliction is now broadened to encompass these new associations and interactions.

What effect does this modification have, being that it is a result of artistic intention? It is an approach that enables me to extend and scrutinize my trials; affliction is aimed to withstand entropy and provide stability and growth. As for the viewer, despite incessant references to both body and experience, my identity marks its presence only from a distance. A sense of remoteness functions as a boundary, and the viewer is impelled to appropriate insight from their own direct experiences. It is possible here in this reciprocation between myself and the viewer that pain is expounded, knowledge is returned, and our condition is delineated beyond that of a single individual.

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